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Independent Custody Visitors

  • To carry out the duties of an Independent Custody Visitor (ICV) in accordance with the scheme’s guidelines, training provided and Home Office Code of Practice for Independent Custody Visiting (March 2013).
  • To check on the conditions in which detainees are kept, their health and well-being and that they are receiving their rights and entitlements with reference to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE).
  • To arrange visits to designated custody suites with fellow ICVs during allotted periods and/or in accordance with the agreed roster. This will involve some weekend and late night visits.
  • To advise the Co-ordinator (or the OPCC if there is no appointed Co-ordinator) and fellow ICVs of any problems with scheduled visits. If required, make arrangements for another ICV to substitute as necessary.
  • To consult detainee custody records to clarify and check any concerns raised by the detainee.
  • To discuss with the Custody Officer any concerns requests arising from the custody visit.
  • To record visits electronically using a provided handheld device, ensuring that all relevant information is recorded correctly and concisely.
  • To use attention to detail to examine custody records on pre-set criteria in accordance with training provided (optional).
  • To attend at least two team meetings per year unless there are exceptional circumstances for non-attendance
  • To remain up to date with matters relating to custody by attending initial and ongoing training sessions, including the Annual Regional Advanced Training Day which should be attended at least once during each 3 year term.
  • To complete and submit expense claims in accordance with scheme guidelines.
  • To maintain confidentiality at all times and adhere to the Health and Safety requirements of the scheme.

Please see the downloads below (role description and covering letter) for details on the role of Volunteer Independent Custody Visitor

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Closing Date: Wednesday 4th November 2020 at 23.55


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