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Commissioner's Safety Fund

A new grants scheme which will channel funding into community projects that help reduce the risk of crime and abuse and increase public safety.

The Fund, which amounts to £600k over the next two years, will be shared among local organisations which successfully apply and prove their project addresses the Commissioner’s key safety priorities.

The Commissioner's recently-published Police and Crime Plan sets out ambitious goals to reduce violent crime and improve the quality of service for domestic abuse investigations, including greater use of body-worn cameras and domestic violence protection orders/perpetrator programmes.

As part of the new fund, the Commissioner is keen to hear from organisations that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of women who are at risk of violence or abuse and their children and also aim to challenge the unhealthy attitudes and behaviour that fuel such violence.

£250,000 has been ring-fenced for the Fund in 2021-22 and a further £400,000 for 2022-23. Some grants have already been issued under the previous scheme and the balance for 2021-22 will be distributed before the end of March 2022.

The Fund is open for applications from any community-based group, parish council, school or business (if the business can match-fund and supply their service free of charge) and grants up to a maximum of £10,000 will be allocated per project.

There will be six rounds of funding per year with each offer alternating between specialist and non-specialist invitations for grants.

Funding can be used for projects and initiatives that meet any of the objectives of the Police and Crime Plan and can include new initiatives/provision, to expand existing provision or as replacement funding.

This round of funding is open from Monday 29th November 2021 to Friday 10th January 2022

Full details of how to apply are held in the Guidance Notes which are available to download below with the rest of the relevant application information:



Funding Round Details:
RoundOpening DateClosing Date
 1.      Specialist 29th November 2022 10th January 2022
 2.      General  1st February 2022  28th March 2022
 3.      Specialist 4th April 2022 30th May 2022
 4.      General 1st June 2022 25th July 2022
 5.      Specialist 1st August 2022 26th September 2022
 6.      General 3rd October 2022 28th November 2022