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View the Commissioner's latest decisions

This page is where you can view the latest decisions made by Leicestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner.  The table below will be updated on a regular basis as decisions are made.


2017 Decisions
Summary of Decision
Supporting Document

The Police and Crime Commissioner's Commissioning Framework 2017/18

Approve the funding allocations and distributions set out in Appendix 1 (see supporting document)

Supporting Document

Budget and Precept Confirmation 2017/18

To confirm the Budget and Precept for 2017/2018.

Supporting Document

Staffing Matter

On the 18/1/17, The Police and Crime Commissioner considered information available to him and made a decision in relation to a staffing matter. 

Supporting Document

Agreement to Opt in to the National Scheme for Auditor Appointments

Current external audit arrangements for Leicestershire and other Public Sector bodies were secured by the Audit Commission and expire at the end of 2017/18.  The external auditors for public sector bodies for 2018/19 onwards have to be appointed before the end of 2017.

 Supporting Document



2016 Decisions


Summary of Decision
Supporting Document


Award of contract for external Forensic Service Provision to the East Midlands Region Police Forces

The purpose of this decision to recommend approval for entering into a regional contract for External Forensic Service Provision to the East Midlands Region (EMR) of police forces represented by EMSOU Forensic Services (EMSOU-FS).

Supporting Document


Body Worn Video Investments

That the PCC approves the Force request for purchase of replacement and additional Body Worn Video equipment of £328,075 based on the operational case and requirements presented by the Force.

Supporting Document


PCC Support to the Project for Conditional Cautioning and Relationship Abuse (CARA)

The OPCC have been working in partnership with the force, the city, county and Rutland councils and the University of Leicester in mapping service provision, identifying gaps and agreeing the desired provision for perpetrators of Domestic Violence.

A unique supplier, the Hampton Trust, has been identified which brings an opportunity to undertake a pilot for a mandatory out of court disposal for perpetrators of a domestic violence related offence -Conditional Cautioning And Relationship Abuse (known as project CARA).

Supporting Document


Decision to approve additional funding to invest in prevention and detection of hate crime

Following the EU Referendum, the Police and Crime Commissioner has highlighted concerns regarding the increase in hate incidents and hate crimes reported across the UK.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has sought and received regular updates from the Force in terms of hate crimes and incidences and the measures taken to increase the awareness, reporting and investigation of these hidden crimes. Additionally, the Police and Crime Commissioner has provided regular updates to the Police and Crime Panel since June 2016.

The Police and Crime Commissioner met with the Force Hate crime officer on a number of occasions to discuss how these additional needs could be met and this Decision Record outlines his intention to provide additional investment in this area.


Supporting Document


Funding from Reserves for resourcing of the Change Team in 2017/18

Current change team resources have reduced through a number of leavers from the team to seek alternative employment. These vacancies have not been recruited to whilst decisions were made as to the scope of the tri-force collaboration. Now agreement has been reached to progress the tri-force collaboration within agreed boundaries there is a requirement for Leicestershire Police to actively seek to deliver local change to meet demand and budgetary challenges over the next two years as the tri force activity is unlikely to see any significant changes or savings in this time.

Supporting Document


Building works following flood of Admin 2

A flood in the Administration 2 building at FHQ on the 17th of October caused considerable damage to the building and contents and is subject to an insurance claim.

Administration 2 has not been refurbished from its construction in the 1980s and was not only looking very tired, but is based on a cellular office design which is very inefficient for modern policing. Additionally, an open plan lay out would also allow the Force to accommodate more staff in the same footprint.

Supporting Document


Deputy Chief Executive Responsibilities

During a review of the OPCC Office Structure, it became apparent that resilience is built in to the existing office structure to cover the statutory roles of Monitoring Officer (MO) and Chief Finance Officer (CFO). The roles of Deputy MO and CFO are contained within the job descriptions for nominated roles, however, there is not a nominated Deputy in respect of the Chief Executive function.

Supporting Document


Financial Support to Eforensic dept

The requirement for Eforensic services has increased year on year as the prevalence of digital media devices in society presents investigators with opportunities to seek and secure information and evidence. This is compounded by the bigger capacity of devices to store information and their increased complexity. Offences that are committed by utilising the internet are increasing, particularly the sharing of indecent images of children, which represents the majority of the workload of Eforensics.

Supporting Document


Appointment of Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner

The Commissioner has decided to appoint Cllr Kirk Master to Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. Cllr Master has declared that to his belief he is eligible for this appointment and that he is not subject to a relevant disqualification.

Supporting Document

EXE 0005/16

Budget and Precept 2016/17

Following confirmation by local authorities ('billing authorities') of their council tax base and collection fund surplus/deficit figures, the decision requested is to:

a.     Re-confirm the Band D Precept (unchanged)
b.    Re-confirm the budget and precept proposals (unchanged)

Supporting Document

EXE 0004/16     

To approve the Proof of Concept for taking forward the Strategic Alliance of the Three Forces

At the meeting of the Strategic Alliance Programme Board, held on Thursday 17m December 2015 at Leicestershire Police Force Headquarters, the Design Authority (DA) presented to the six sponsors (PCCs and CCs of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire) a Proof of Concept Proposal for taking forward a Strategic Alliance of the three forces.

Supporting Document

EXE 0003/16

Proposed sale of Coalville Police Station and shared accomodation with Leicestershire & Rutland Fire Service

As part of the original Estates Strategy (which covers 2010-2030), it was decided that Coalville Police Station should be replaced. The existing building is considerably
oversized for modern policing, in very poor condition and is costing over £100K pa to run.

Supporting Document

EXE 0002/16

Sale of Welford Road Police Station

In line with the Force Estates Strategy (which covers 2010-2030} and savings plan, and taking into consideration the operational requirements including the changes from the Edison operational policing delivery model, the Force Executive Group has recommended that the property is no longer operationally required.

Supporting Document

EXE 0001/16

Substance Misuse Commissioning

The OPCC's commissioning arrangements for substance misuse treatment provision are coming to an end across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR). As such, the OPCC has entered into commissioning arrangements with Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and NHS England (North) for the procuring of a single Substance Misuse Treatment Service (SMTS) to commence on the 151 July 2016. 

Supporting Document


2015 Decisions


Summary of Decision
Supporting Document

EXE 0001/15

Budget and Precept 2015/16

The PCC has a duty to set the precept for policing each financial year. Accompanying report sets out the financial challenge the results of the public consultation

Supporting Document

EXE 0002/15

Transfer of Funding

The transfer to support the direction and services provided by the new Victim First arrangements and to enable the commissioning capacity in this area to be increased which will make a difference to the most vulnerable in society

Supporting Document

EXE 0003/15

Custody Detention Officer Proposal

Approval to outsource the functions of Civilian Detention Officers of both Leicestershire and Northamptonshire

Supporting Document

EXE 0004/15

Ex-gratia payment  

An opportunity has been identified to jointly commission a mental health training pilot scheme for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

Not for publication - Personal information

EXE 0005/15

Mental Health First Aid Training

Through the training priority of the Mental Health Partnership Sub Group an opportunity has been identified to jointly commission a mental health pilot scheme for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR)

Supporting Document

EXE 0008/15 

Complaint Against the Chief Constable 

Supporting Information 

EXE 0009/15

Police and Crime Commissioning Framework 2015-17 refresh for 2016-17

The Police and Crime Plan outlines four  key themes and a number of strategic priorities which provides a clear direction for allocating the available budget to maximum effect. The Commissioning Framework 2015-17 sets out our spending intentions for 2015-16 and expected figures for 2016/17 against that plan. A refresh for 2016/17 has been produced to both confirm/alter expected figures and set out further investments in response to strategic developments.

Supporting Document


2014 Decisions


Summary of Decision                                                                                                      

EXE 0016/14

Decision to proceed with purchase of discreet building

On the basis of further work it is proposed that the purchase go ahead as planned

Supporting Document

EXE 0015/14

Sale of land at Melton Mowbray - part of former Melton Mowbray Police Station

When the former police station was sold part of the site was retained for access purposes to land and buildings owned by the County Council.  The Council has now declared that such land and buildings are surplus to their requirements.

Supporting Document

EXE 0014/14

Sale of Syston Police Station

In line with the Estates Strategy and the implementation of the force's change programme "Project Edison", the force has recommended that Syston Police Station, within the Charnwood District, should be earmarked for sale.

Supporting Document

EXE 0013/14

Purchase of Discreeet Building to support Regional and National Collaboration

Approval to purchase additional discreet building

Supporting Document

EXE 0012/14

Replacement Finance System

Approval of a new finance system

Supporting Document

EXE 0011/14

PCC Grant 2015/16

To approve the funding allocations and distributions for the PCC Grant as set out

Supporting Document

EXE 0010/14

Future Arrangements for Police Staff Pay and T&C

PCC Approval for the development of a full business case for future arrangements

Supporting Document

EXE 0009/14

Job Evaluation Scheme

PCC Support to progress implementation of a new Job Evaluation Scheme

Supporting Document

EXE 0008/14

Commissioning Framework 2014/17

Approval of the revised Commissioning Framework 2014/17

Supporting Document

EXE 0007/14

Budget and Precept

Following the confirmation by local authorities of their council tax base and council tax surplus decision to amend the budget and precept proposals submitted to the Police and Crime Panel on 27 January 2014 to reflect the final information

Supporting Document

EXE 0006/14

Voluntary Redundancy Scheme

Approval of the decision regarding voluntary redundancies

Supporting Document

EXE 0005/14

Partnership Locality Fund 2014/15

To approve the funding allocations set out

Supporting Document

EXE 0004/14

PCC Grant 2014/15

To approve the funding allocations and distributions for the PCC Grant as set out

Supporting Document

EXE 0003/14

Scheme of Corporate Governance

Approval of Scheme which has been updated to relect changes from the Stage 2 Transfer

Supporting Document

EXE 0002/14

Volunteers Project Team Funding

Support from PCC to formulise the funding for the project team 2014/2015 to 2016/2017
to deliver the volunteers strategy

Supporting Document

EXE 0001/14

Proposed leasing arrangements for a property within the Force policing area

Approval of the terms of the leasing agreement for the property

Supporting Document


2013 Decisions

Summary of Decision               
Supporting Document

EXE 0027/13

Community Resolution and Warning Zone

The PCC approves the BCU being allocated £100k to fund initiatives which will assist
the PCP in achieving the Police and Crime Plan objectives

Supporting Document

EXE 0026/13

New Parks and Belgrave Police Stations

PCC approval for the sale of New Parks Police Station to Leicester City Council (187,500)
and the use of an office in the Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre for a period of 5 years for
a capital sum of £10,000

Supporting Document

EXE 0025/13 

PCC Partner Funding

PCC approves the allocation of £2.9m Community Safety Fund via Commissioning
Intentions including the use of the Budget Equalisation Reserve to support those
Intentions and the Police and Crime Plan

Supporting Document  

EXE 0024/13

Restructure of RPU and TSG - Estates

The PCC approves the business case to merge the Roads Policing Unit and the
Tactical Support Group.  The building works (£320k) be funded through the Budget
Equalisation Reserve

Supporting Document

EXE 0023/13

Anti-Social Behaviour - Sentinal Project Manager

The PCC approves up to £10,000 from the Community Safety Fund towards the cost of
the Sentinel Project Manager psot for 2013/14, with partners providing the remainder
of the funding

Supporting Document

EXE  0022/13

Extension of Internal Audit Contract to 31 March 2015

The PCC approves the extension of the internal audit contract to RSM Tenon until
31 March 2015

Supporting Document

EXE 0021/13

Voluntary Redundancy Scheme

The PCC approves that a voluntary redundancy scheme be offered to staff on the same
conditions as the compulsory redundancy terms with no added incentives

Supporting Document

EXE 0020/13

Consolidation of Reserves

The PCC approved that reserves be consolidated and £747,000 be moved to the
General Fund and £1.733m to the budget Equalisation Reserve

Supporting Document

EXE 0019/13

Hinckley Police Station

The PCC approves the sale of Hinckley Police Station on the terms outlined in the

Supporting Document

EXE 0018/13

New Parks and Belgrave Police Stations

PCC's agreement of the terms for the sale of New Parks and Belgrave Police

Supporting Document

EXE 0017/13

Recovery of Legal Defence Costs

PCC approval for the reimbursement of legal costs incurred in the support of two
officers against whom legal action was taken

Supporting Document

EXE 0016/13

Corporate governance Framework

Approval of the governance of both OPCC and OCC and the relationship between the
two.  Revised version from that amended on 6 December 2012

Supporting Document

EXE 0015/13

Whisteblowing Procedure

PCC approves the policy that allows personnel, who have serious concerns about
any aspect of their work, to be able to come forward and voice their concerns

Supporting Document

EXE 0014/13

Supporting Victims of ASB/Hate Incidents

The PCC approves the BCU to fund the supporting victims of ASB/Hate Crime incidents
through the £100k allocated to the Bill for 2013/14

Supporting Document

EXE 0013/13

Budget for the replacement of Loughborough Police Station

The PCC approves to increase the budget from £3.6m to £4m for the rebuilding
of Loughborough Police Station

Supporting Document

EXE 0012/13

E-Commerce - South West Consortium

The PCC approves the joining of the South West E-Commerce Consortium of 23
forces and agreement to implement the first e-commerce module of firearms

Supporting Document

EXE 0011/13

Regional Collaboration - Fraud and Financial Investigations

The PCC approves the creation of a Fraud and Financial Investigation Unit

Supporting Document

EXE 0010/13

Amendments to 2013/14 Budget and Precept

To enact the approved adjustments to the 2013/14 budget and precept proposals.  To
set aside £97.7k for council tax support transition grant to the Budget Equalisation

Supporting Document

EXE 0009/13

Delegation to Chief Executive

The PCC approves delegations to the CEO in order that the OPCC can continue to
operate in the absence of the PCC

Supporting Document



2012 Decisions

Summary of Decision                                                                                        
Supporting Document

EXE 0008/12

East Midlands Police Collaboration - Finances

Approval of investment business cases, revenue budget proposals for the 2013/14
financial year and budget requirements for later years, along with capital spending and
financing plans to be reviewed, re-presented to the Board in due course

Supporting Document

EXE 0007/12

Sale of Property

The PCC approved the offer made on a property to be sold that was surplus to

Supporting Document

EXE 0006/12

Provision of Legal Services

The PCC has decided that this will be provided by East Midlands Legal Support Unit

Supporting Document

EXE 0005/12

Consultation and Engagement

The PCC has decided that this will be undertaken by the Force's Corporate Services
Department, with commissioning, governance and performance being directed by

Supporting Document

EXE 0004/12

Scrutiny and Monitoring of Complaints

The PCC has chosen to receive a quarterly monitoring report from the Chief
Constable.  The PCC will himself undertake dip sampling of complaints

Supporting Document 

EXE 0003/12

Provision of Independent Custody Visiting Scheme

The PCC has chosen to retain the management of the Independent Custody Visiting
Scheme within his office

Supporting Document

EXE 0002/12


The PCC has chosen to operate a separate website to that of the Chief Constable.
The address will be www.leics.pcc.police.uk

Supporting Document

EXE 0001/12

Promotion and Branding

The PCC was provided with a number of options for promotion and branding and
has chosen to operate separately as 'Police and Crime Commissioner for
Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland'

Supporting Document