Lived Experience Service

The Probation Service (PS) together with The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) have been working together to take forward a multi-agency and system wide approach to female offending.

As part of this work a steering group has been formed which aims to drive a local offer of systemic change for women in the criminal justice system. Key to the success of this workstream has been the inclusion of the service user and lived experience voice throughout the initial period of implementation.

Lived experience was a significant part of the launch event and has been identified as one of the significant factors in developing and driving this work forward. The intention of this workstream is recognise and utilise lived experience using a co production methodology to ensure that whatever products are delivered through the implementation of this local programme that they truly represent the views, experiences, the needs and wants of women in the criminal justice service.

Response Deadline:  17th January 2022 (12pm)
Contract Period:         1st March 2022 to 28th March 2023


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