Police and Crime Plan

Police and Crime Plan - 2021-2024

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The Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan is the blueprint for policing in Leicestershire over the next four years, setting out ambitious safety goals to be met by the Chief Constable and his officers.

The job of the police is to protect the public. The job of the Police and Crime Commissioner is to give the police the tools they need to do the job. My role is to be the voice of the public in matters of policing and crime, to challenge partners, including Leicestershire Police, to deliver the public services that the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland deserve.

My vision is clear, I want to work to make an effective, robust and professional police service within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

As we come out of Covid restrictions, the public have a right to expect a police force that works with them to build back better. I want to see a police force that is closely integrated into our diverse communities in city, town and village to support and protect the law abiding, to target the anti-social and capture the criminals.

Following the government’s launch of their ‘Beating Crime Plan’, I am fully behind the ambitious path laid out by the Government today to restore peace and power within our communities.

What is inherently clear in the ‘Beating Crime Plan’ is how vital coordination and partnerships are to delivering tangible improvements to safety. There needs to be greater accountability and stronger community safety partnerships to make any of these aspirations happen and I will be ensuring that I do everything in my power to galvanise this action here in this county.

In addition to the ‘Beating Crime Plan’, I shall work with partners to respond to the ‘Protect Duty’ towards making publicly accessible locations  safe as the Government develops their response  to their consultation.

My primary responsibility is to hold the Chief Constable and the Force to account for delivering the policing aspects of this Police and Crime Plan and to ensure they are answerable to our communities. My own Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner [OPCC] will deliver other parts of this Plan.

I was elected on a clear manifesto to build on the work of my two predecessors as Police and Crime Commissioner to create a modern, dynamic and effective police force and related services. That is what I intend to do. This plan shows how I am going to put into action the manifesto which was produced on the election campaign trail, and which has now been endorsed by the voting public of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.


Rupert Matthews
Police & Crime Commissioner







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