PCC hears of Counteshorpe progress

Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach says there is a united effort to curb anti-social behaviour in Countesthorpe.

The Commissioner was speaking after a follow-up meeting with the police and other local partners, held to establish what progress had been made following the public meeting earlier this month.

He heard that a combination of high visibility policing and intervention by a number of other agencies that include Blaby District Council, the Youth Offending Service and Leicestershire County Council, have been stepped up in a bid to curb the anti-social behaviour that has been plaguing residents in Countesthorpe.

“What we are seeing is a united approach to deal with a particular problem with local people really playing their part,” he said.  “The Countesthorpe community is demonstrating that if you voice your concerns and are willing to work together with the police, councils and other agencies, then you can effect positive change.”

The PCC said he was committed to working closely with local residents, Blaby District Council, the police, local schools and other partners, until the problem has been fully resolved. 

But he was also at pains to point out that he didn’t want to see young people demonised as a result of the problems the village had been having.

“It is important to remember that the overwhelming majority of young people in Countesthorpe and elsewhere are well behaved citizens. Those causing the problems are a tiny minority and it is they who will be held to account for their actions,” he added.

“That’s why I’ve asked the PCC’s Youth Commission to speak to young people who live in the area to find out what they think.  I think this will be really helpful in finding effective solutions.”

Inspector Dan Eveleigh from Leicestershire Police told the Commissioner that a dedicated policing operation remains in place and the Commissioner asked to meet again with police, local authorities and councillors in a month’s time for a further update.


Posted on Friday 24th June 2016
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