Police ethics committee open to the public

The behaviour, standards and integrity of Leicestershire Police will be scrutinised later this week, as part of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC’s) focus on public trust and confidence.

The PCC’s Ethics, Integrity and Complaints Committee meeting, which members of the public can attend, will take place on Friday (June 24) from 2pm and will discuss a range of policing business including complaints, professional conduct, and matters requiring ethical decisions.

The committee, which is attended by Deputy Chief Constable Roger Bannister, was set up to demonstrate the integrity of the Force and maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Meetings are held in public as part of a determined drive for openness thereby building trust in the Force as well as enabling residents to listen to discussions on issues concerning policing standards and ethics.

Items due to be discussed include Cyber crime, the Force’s change programme and two ethical dilemmas.

Integrity is vital to policing and it’s important that the public understands there is a rigorous and robust system for scrutinising policing standards to ensure the honesty of police services protected.

With a panel of independent members, who meet regularly to independently scrutinise important issues facing policing in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, this committee is key component in the drive to build trust and public confidence in the Force.

The meeting will be held in the main conference room at Police Headquarters in Enderby on Friday.

Please note that due to the capacity of the room and for health and safety requirements all potential attendees are requested to notify Sue Walsh, Executive Support Manager, Leicestershire Police - email Susan.walsh@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk.



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Posted on Wednesday 22nd June 2016
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