Police and Crime Commissioner says video highlights bravery of police officer

A video currently attracting attention on social media shows the daily ‘risks of the job’ faced by Leicestershire’s police officers, says the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

“Leicestershire Police take hate crime and racially motivated crimes very seriously,” said PCC Lord Willy Bach. “In this instance an extremely brave police officer is determined to make an arrest of an individual who seems intent on racial abuse and assault.

“When her colleagues arrived to assist her the individual was arrested and he has now been charged with racially aggravated assault, assault by beating and resisting arrest.

“As PCC I am proud that Leicestershire’s police officers routinely put themselves in harm’s way to protect all members of our community from abuse and worse.  It’s worth saying once again that hate crime, in any form, will not be tolerated - wherever it occurs.”



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Posted on Thursday 28th July 2016
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