Statement from Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach

In the last week we have witnessed a series of unlinked serious incidents.  Thankfully weeks such as this are rare, but nonetheless, remind us all of the tough expectations we place on the police.

In tough times, policing relies on the courage, dedication and professionalism of its people to strengthen its resolve.

The shocking, and tragic, series of events of the past few days have placed extraordinary demand on our services, strained our resources and tested our response strategies but the exceptional commitment of Leicestershire Police’s officers, staff and volunteers has shone out amid the challenges.

The true test of any organisation’s strength or fortitude is when the going gets tough and this week the going got tough.

The pressures of multiple, resource-intensive, complex policing investigations, understandably take their toll physically and emotionally on our workforce and I have personally thanked the force for its commitment to duty.

The impact of events in Hinckley and the City is bound to have an effect on our communities and I’m pleased to see officers and staff in public-facing roles delivering honest messages of reassurance, comfort and safety following these terrible incidents. Policing is a difficult, all-consuming job and nowhere has this been more apparent than this week. However, the force has risen to the occasion and continued to work at its professional best regardless of the weight of the task. This is something for which I and the public of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland can be grateful.

Policing attracts its fair share of criticism but, when it is called upon in critical, emergency situations, there is no stronger or formidable body.  We are privileged to have a constant protective service such as this and I for one fully appreciate the risks officers face every day to keep us all safe.

The tenacity and drive of our officers, staff and volunteers who investigate, support and protect in the aftermath of such incidents is both inspiring and reassuring.

Willy Bach

Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner

Posted on Friday 4th November 2016
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