Leicestershire's PCC issues 'Open Door' invite to MPs

Lord Willy Bach, Leicestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has issued an invitation to all newly elected MPs, new and returning, across the force area to discuss policing and security issues.

Telling them that his office door is always open, he said today that he felt it would be beneficial to meet MPs from all parties at his Office at Force Headquarters to explore how, in the face of the relentless pace of change and challenge, they can work together to tackle criminality and keep communities safe.

He went on to say that he was more than happy to join meetings in their constituencies to look at localised problems, adding that some of the most productive meetings he had attended as PCC had been as the result of an MP’s initiative.

Endorsing the comments made last week by Chief Constable Simon Cole, the Commissioner said that he was concerned that the funding situation was ‘moving inexorably to a position where if the year on year funding continues to decline, our police force, one of the best in the country, may one day not be able to do its vital job to a standard that the public are entitled to expect’.

He said today: “I think it is vital that we make it clear to everyone who will be representing our interests in Parliament, that financially the position is perilous if something is not done to redress the chronic underfunding which has dominated the last few years.

“During that time the nature of crime has changed dramatically.  As well as a real focus on terrorism, both fraud and cyber-crime are increasing significantly.  Doing nothing is not an option. That’s why I want to make sure that our MPs return to Westminster equipped to fight our corner. 

“But more than that, I want to have a working relationship with every Member of Parliament in our force area.  It’s an important part of my role to act upon the concerns of their constituents and by working together we can really make a difference.”



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Posted on Wednesday 14th June 2017
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