PCC to visit Eyres Monsell in community walkabout

Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach will be meeting local community leaders, police officers and housing officers next week in a busy “patch walk” in Eyres Monsell.

The PCC, who has been a regular visitor since his election, is visiting the ward between 10am and 12 noon on 16 October.  He will meet Cllr Elaine Pantling to discuss anti-social problems in the area and the impact this is having on the community.

He will then go out on a Patch Walk with Inspector Mike Cawley, Cllr Pantling, Cllr Virginia Cleaver, Deputy PCC Kirk Masters, local Housing Officer Kamina Rughani and PC Duncan Tebbatt. 

During the visit he is expected to visit Benscliffe Gardens, Hillsborough Close and Epping Way. 

Speaking ahead of his visit, Willy Bach said: “I’m really looking forward to this visit.  I will be able to see for myself the work that is taking place to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area and support local people.

“I know that people have concerns and we need to address those.  I’m confident we will have some positive discussions on which we can build.  It’s so important that we all work together, local public services and support groups, to find the right solutions to different issues. 

“I’m quite clear that the police cannot, and should not, work in isolation when together with other agencies so much more can be achieved.”

The visit will start at 10am at the Eyres Monsell Community Centre.



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Posted on Monday 15th October 2018
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