What Matters to You goes to St Matthews

Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach and Chief Constable Simon Cole will join safety partners in St Matthews this week to update people on efforts to improve safety.

The PCC and his Deputy Kirk Master will be joined by PC Reg Varney and PCSO Karen Reed from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and city councillors’ Misbah Batool and Manjit Kaur Saini for the event, which will start at 1pm at St Matthews Neighbourhood Centre in Malabar Road, Leicester.

It is part of a programme of ‘What Matters to You?’ public meetings which see the PCC and community partners visiting Leicestershire’s communities to connect with local people and better understand their experiences of crime and disorder.

Latest figures show levels of antisocial behaviour in the busy ward, which comprises the residential areas of St Matthews and St Peters estates, Spinney Hill Park and St George’s Retail Park, have fallen by 22.7% during the past 12 months from 410 to 317 incidents. However, in line with national trends, crime has risen, and the team will be keen to provide reassurance to the community about the work taking place to address this.

The PCC will meet community workers to discuss any issues and will then take part in a Patch Walk around the estate where the team will chat to local residents.

Willy Bach said: “I’m looking forward to meeting the people who live and work in the St Matthews area and finding out how what impact our work is having on the community and people’s perception of crime. 

“Our neighbourhood teams have responded to concerns in the area including drug taking and antisocial behaviour, particularly on Everest Court. Earlier this year we assigned more patrols to the area and have worked closely with our partners to resolve a number of issues. This action appears to have helped but I’m looking forward to hearing what local people’s experience on the ground is and whether they feel safer.” 

The event takes place between 1pm and 3pm on Friday 20th December.  Everyone is welcome.



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Posted on Wednesday 18th December 2019
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