Commissioner reassures public amid Coronavirus pandemic

Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach has offered his reassurance to the public that robust plans are in place to support the global fight against the Coronavirus.

In a personal message issued today, the PCC said Leicestershire Police had significant experience responding to major incidents and added its hardworking officers, staff and volunteers were doing everything possible to protect and safeguard the public while supporting frontline NHS and other key workers.

The full statement reads: “We are living in unprecedented times. As the scale of the Coronavirus crisis grows, all of us must adapt and adjust what is normal to support the nation’s response and ensure we limit the impact of this disease on our lives.

The necessary protective measures set out by the Government this week would have been unimaginable two weeks ago. But today they are critical to stem the spread of this pandemic and to safeguard thousands of lives.

“I have no doubt the weeks and months ahead will be extremely difficult for all of us and will test the resilience of the force in ways we have never seen before. This global health emergency will take many months to overcome. However, I remain absolutely confident that we will rise to the challenge and manage any challenges posed effectively.

“The Chief Constable is keeping me regularly updated on the Force’s contingency plans and I know we are ready to adapt our operational response as the crisis deepens. We are working closely with our partners on the Local Resilience Forum (LRF) to implement well-rehearsed plans already in place to deal with a pandemic. We are also holding a conference call with MPs throughout Leicestershire to communicate our plans. The LRF has already established a COVID19 Strategic Coordinating Group to coordinate the complex local response to this crisis and the work of this forum is being shared with the government’s own COBRA committee.

“If we are going to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus, we must all play our part. We must heed public health advice and take responsible action to stop the disease spreading further.

“This is a global fight and we should not underestimate the role, however small, all of us can play in ending this crisis. My team and I have also made changes in our bid to give our NHS partners and other key workers our full support and we will continue to do so.

“The policing family is ready to provide reassurance and familiarity in these unsettling times. As PCC, I will continue to do everything I can to protect services for the vulnerable and victims of crime and ensure the Chief Constable has every resource available to manage this threat effectively.

“Please take good care of yourselves and your families and stay safe.”

Lord Willy Bach
Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland


Posted on Thursday 19th March 2020
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