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Across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, the patience of our communities is wearing thin. Crime and antisocial behaviour has impacted badly on the lives of the law abiding public for too long.

That is why I am delighted to learn that the Government is moving full steam ahead with its aim to build a safer Britain – and that these plans are now taking shape. Not only do I welcome an additional 20,000 police officers on our streets nationally, but £220m will be ploughed into tough new measures to tackle crime and shift the balance of power from criminals to ordinary people.

One of the priorities I’m particularly supportive of is the extra help and support announced for our emergency services heroes. The Chancellor is committed to working with the Home Secretary to toughen penalties for those who assault emergency workers during the course of their duties. Quite right too. Frontline officers are motivated to go into danger every day by a sense of duty and service. Without their morale and courage, we could not achieve anything and they fully deserve protection.

Anyone who assaults those wearing the Queen’s Uniform must understand they will be prosecuted and punished - and by the severest of penalties. As Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’s PCC, I want our officers to feel confident and trusted to take whatever action is necessary to deal and respond to threat without fear for their own safety.

Society has to level up to risk. This is one of the reasons I am fully behind the Government’s plans to increase GPS tagging for serious acquisitive offenders – and by those we mean burglars, robbers and thieves – to track their movements for up to 12-months post-release alongside the introduction of longer curfews.

Anything we can do to make life difficult for criminals and give residents peace of mind and protection has to be worthwhile. Why should hardworking people live in fear? We need robust policies and laws to tackle prolific offenders and ensure those who break the terms of their licence are dealt with quickly.

I also welcome the commitment to expand the provision of Nightingale Courts to continue clearing the backlog of cases and will continue liaising with the Ministry of Justice over the need for a venue in the East Midlands. Criminals must be made accountable for their crimes and victims given emotional redress and closure. An effective justice system will create greater confidence and trust in the force from victims and their families.

Just like Boris in No.10 and Priti Patel at the Home Office, I am determined to make our streets safer for the law-abiding citizen to go about their lawful business. I am delighted to see the government delivering on its promises in this splendid way.


Rupert Matthews
Police & Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

Posted on Monday 21st June 2021
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