Making a Difference in Measham

Measham Visit Image

(L-R) Rupert Matthews, Andrew Bridgen MP, Cllr Woodman and Colin Manifold

It takes a whole raft of actions to make people feel safer.  Making sure we deliver a robust and adequate policing response is only part of the solution, consideration also needs to be given to the physical environment of our communities and the help that we can provide to support vulnerable people.

This week I was invited to visit Wigeon Drive in Measham, North West Leicestershire, which could really benefit from some additional investment and resources.  I’m keen to identify new areas to expand our existing People Zones, which bring residents together with key agencies to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and create safer neighbourhoods.

During my visit, I met the Chair of the Parish Council, Colin Manifold, North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen and Cllr Woodman to discuss the issues impacting this area of the county.

Through their hard efforts, crime and antisocial behaviour is not the problem it once was here but a lot more can and should be done and we all recognise this.

This week, the Government unveiled its Beating Crime Plan setting out ambitious plans to ‘level up’ the nation and give every resident the security and confidence that comes from having a safe street and a safe home.  Measham is a perfect example of areas that have been too often overlooked in the past and deserve special focus. I see it as my duty as Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver this vision on the ground and make a difference.

The disused community centre strikes me as an ideal place for the local community to get to know the police better and act as a support hub bringing residents together, potentially through a People Zone.  All communities need consistent policing first and foremost, but strong partnerships are the glue that will give communities long-lasting resilience against crime and harm.

Rupert Matthews
Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland




Posted on Thursday 29th July 2021
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