PCC Pays Tribute to Leicestershire Officers

Loughborough PS with Vase

Rupert Matthews with the commemorative vase

Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, Rupert Matthews has paid tribute to PC Andrew Munn and PC Bryan Moore at Loughborough Police Station earlier this week. The Officers were both killed when a van they were pursuing drove into them on 15th August 2002.  A Glass Vase to commemorate the officers is housed in Loughborough Police Station.

Speaking about PC Munn and PC Moore, “The deaths of these two model Police Officers who served with distinction, due diligence and duty serve as a stark reminder to us all of the dangers that Police Officers face every day to keep us safe. We must never forget this and always support and thank them for their service whenever we can.”

Rupert was given a tour of the station by Inspector Matt Oswin, who is overseeing Charnwood NPA. The NPA covers Loughborough, Shepshed, Syston, Birstall, Thurmaston, Anstey, Newtown Linford and surrounding villages.

The station has recently undergone development to make it accessible to the public with access to the carpark and a new front enquiry office.  Previously the office was located within the council offices next door, and the police station was not open to the public. 

Rupert welcomed the change saying, “This has been made more accessible to the public, which can only be a good thing. Already the police have had three guns and a hand grenade handed in over the last seven days.”

“A considerable part of my manifesto was that I wanted Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’s police to become more visible and more involved in the community. Charnwood NPA is fantastic when it comes to getting engaged in the community and our local areas. Even relatively small changes like a new front desk make a vast but essential difference to how the police interact with our communities. I am glad to see this change, and INSP Oswin’s role as Partnership’s Manager to the County Council and District Councils reinforces this.”

“Loughborough serves as an example of how links between police and community partners help tackle crime. The police, county council, borough council and, in Loughborough’s case, the university often collaborate to make the town, and surrounding villages, a safer place.”


Posted on Friday 4th June 2021
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