Leicestershire reminded to help shape future services through census

Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach is reminding people of the importance of completing the census survey to help to help determine how policing will be resourced in the future.

The PCC said the average census completion rate in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland was 93% in 2011 – well below other parts of the country – and has issued a rallying call to residents to ensure they complete theirs on time.

Data shows as many as one in five forms were not returned in some areas of the county in 2011.

Lord Willy Bach said: “The census is an opportunity to capture an accurate picture of the people living in England and Wales. This information can be used by organisations to deliver the right services for people in the right places.

“Failing to complete the survey has huge implications for society – particularly public services such as policing and the OPCC where decisions on the support services we fund and how local people are best protected rely on this demographical insight.

“The survey can be completed online on any device, making it far easier for people to respond, however there is help and paper questionnaires available for those who need it. Please take the opportunity to play your part and secure the right services for Leicestershire over the next 10 years.”

The census, which takes place on Sunday 21 March, happens every 10 years and provides the Government with an accurate picture of the people and households in England and Wales.

By answering the census questions, local people will help organisations plan for the future including major funding decisions on transport, education and healthcare.

The census also informs many aspects of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s work including monitoring policing performance and the success of community grant applications.

It is compulsory to complete the census and repeated failure to complete it could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

Every household should complete the questionnaire on Sunday 21 March 2021 or as soon as possible after.



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Posted on Monday 15th March 2021
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