Leicestershire Police & Crime Commissioner responds to Crime Figures

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Rupert Matthews, Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland has responded as follows to the recent crime figures.

“These latest crime figures are indicative of the pressures placed upon our Police Force here in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland but also represent the unique and unprecedented impact Covid and the Global pandemic has had on society.

“The necessary restrictions upon our personal freedoms during lockdown, with businesses being closed and the curtailing of our personal and social lives has inevitably resulted in less recorded crime. Whilst this apparent downturn in criminality is welcome, it is not lost on me that crime levels will most likely soon rise.

“As the incoming PCC I will work tirelessly with the public to ensure our Police Force is more visible and more engaged with our communities than ever before. I want our Force to build upon the fantastic work our officers and staff already do.

“I will be holding the Chief Constable to account so that his actions drive down crime and antisocial behaviour, whilst increasing police visibility to increase trust and confidence in our Force for everyone who lives, works and socialises in our area.”



Editors Note:

Link to the figures provided by the Office for National Statistics:  https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/bulletins/crimeinenglandandwales/yearendingdecember2020

Link to Leicestershire Police response:  Crime stats show decrease in crime as a result of Covid Lockdown | Leicestershire Police (leics.police.uk)



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Posted on Thursday 13th May 2021
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