Response to the Queen's Speech:

Rupert Matthews and Boris Johnson

“Hare coursing is a vile and despicable activity. It is a scourge among our rural communities, damaging property, trespassing and an emotional burden on farmers and country residents.”

Following the Queen's Speech last Tuesday, Rupert Matthews PCC hails the fantastic news that Hare Coursing is at the top of the government’s agenda as an issue that needs to be tackled.

“There have been far too many cases of hare coursing gangs intimidating law-abiding citizens. One case had ended in a farmer’s barn being burned down when he confronted them. This has to stop. The measures outlined in my police plan and the Queen’s speech will go a long way towards combatting hare coursing.

I am encouraged to see that within the government’s Action Plan for Animal Welfare broad program of legislative and non-legislative reforms, including a series of bills to focus specifically on harsher sentences for people caught Hare Coursing.”

Rupert has long campaigned for a clampdown on illegal hare coursing. He has regularly consulted farmers and residents from across Leicestershire and Rutland about this issue.

“For too long, our communities in places such as the Vale of Belvoir have felt this issue has taken a back seat and has not been appropriately responded to and deterred.

I am pleased this issue is rising to the top of the government’s agenda. I will continue to support the police’s efforts across our two counties to tackle hare coursing through the National Police Chiefs’ Council rural, wildlife crime policing strategy and my policing plan.

Alongside this, I am thrilled to see the other measures included in the budget, such as supporting our police, getting more officers on the beat and ensuring our strong economic recovery from the pandemic.”

Rupert also supports the action the government is taking regarding post-16 education. Rupert said, “these plans will give a lifetime skills guarantee, meaning student loans will be available to anyone without A-Levels. This is a significant step forward in social mobility and levelling up across the country.

It has been a tough 18 months, and the government has hit the ground running with this Queen’s Speech.”



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Posted on Monday 17th May 2021
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