Statement on Medium Term Financial Plan

At today’s meeting of the Police and Crime Panel for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, the recently elected Police and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthews made the following statement to the members.

“As Police and Crime Commissioner I take my responsibilities and duties very seriously. Among these is a requirement to be open and honest with you as the Police and Crime Panel.

“It is your duty to review and scrutinise decisions taken by the Police and Crime Commissioner, and in particular to review the PCC’s Draft Police and Crime Plan, Annual Report and the proposed precept, which is based on the Budget.

“As such I believe it is my duty to report to you at the earliest possible opportunity any developments which may impact on the matters which rightly come under your review and scrutiny powers.

“You will be aware of the report on the precept and the budget that was brought to this Panel in January of this year. The report, as laid before you at that meeting, included references to various risk factors, the use of reserves, estimates regarding likely future pay awards and other matters contained in the Medium Term Financial Plan.

“I firmly believe that this Force must have a robust strategy of sustainability for its budget in the short and medium term.  For that reason I am concerned that the future funding commitments contained in that report appear to result in a large deficit in 2024/25.  I have, therefore, decided to scrutinise the Medium Term Financial Plan for myself. I have also commissioned some work from the Force to explore options ahead.

“I hope to bring a report on these matters to the next meeting of this Panel.

“Thank you.”


Rupert Matthews took up his position as Police and Crime Commissioner on 13 May 2021.


The link to the report presented to the Panel in January can be found here:

The webcast of that meeting is still available here


Enquiries in the first instance:   Sallie Blair  01283 821012

Posted on Thursday 24th June 2021
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