PCC adds his support to national calls for police officer pay rise

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Police and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthews has joined PCCs nationally in urging the government to rethink its decision to freeze police officer pay in 2021-22.

Mr Matthews welcomed the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners’ (APCC) decision to write to Home Secretary Priti Patel expressing disappointment that police officers earning more than £24,000 would be hit by a public sector pay freeze. Those earning less will be given an annual rise of £250.

In a statement, Mr Matthews said: “Our officers have delivered an outstanding service to the public during the past 18 months, putting their own safety to one side to protect residents and assist the nation when we needed them most. These responsibilities have not always been welcomed by society and officers have been assaulted - or even spat and coughed on - in the name of duty.

“I understand the economic challenges the nation faces as we recover from the health crisis but I believe our police officers – like our NHS colleagues, fellow blue light workers and public sector champions – deserve recognition for the heroic part they have played fighting this terrible virus and the dangers they endure every day to safeguard lives and keep the peace in our communities.

“While I welcome the decision to offer a pay award for officers on salaries under £24,000, I believe this should extend to all police personnel. Like the Home Secretary, I appreciate and respect everything our police officers and staff give to their country and want them to feel valued and supported for the difficult job they do.

“Our most important policing resources are the brave men and women of our police forces. Without their morale, motivation, health and well-being, support and leadership we cannot achieve anything.”


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Posted on Friday 23rd July 2021
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