Visit to the education charity E2

Rupert Matthews sitting in one one of the youth sessions

We cannot underestimate the power of role models on young people.

Not every young person is fortunate to have a support network to encourage them. When this is lacking, it’s important we have other organisations that can step in and offer a lifeline to young people - organisations like E2 which I had the pleasure of visiting in Beaumont Leys.

E2 has received funding from my budget to deliver educational and community-based services for young people. As a charity, it offers a range of projects, engaging young people in sport and recreational activities to keep their focus positive and productive and ensure they stay active and safe.

It was great to meet the staff and find out more about their daily youth sessions and the educational work they undertake to keep young people informed about the risks of crime and how to stay safe.

These services are available five days a week. The eldest attendee is 16 and it was clear the young people gain a sense of belonging and camaraderie by attending the sessions.

I started this blog talking about the importance of strong role models and it was apparent to me during this visit how valuable it is in this kind of service for young people to interact with people they can trust and learn from.

We learn from other people’s behaviour and if young people surround themselves with positive people who encourage their progression and achievements and teach them important life skills, then they can look forward to bright futures.

This is something I am very keen to build and support across the LLR area through the launch of my Safety Fund and through the work of our Violence Reduction Network in Leicestershire. I am very grateful to E2 for their continued support.  


Rupert Matthews
Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland



Posted on Tuesday 12th October 2021
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