PCC's Plan will deliver efficient, robust and professional policing across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

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Police and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthew’s ambitious Police and Crime Plan has been endorsed by the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Police and Crime Panel, paving the way forward for better policing across the city and two counties.

Mr Matthews told members that: “This Plan is designed to give Leicestershire Police a clear mandate to deliver a police service which meets the needs and expectations of the community. It is unapologetically ambitious, detailed and wide ranging to meet the needs and expectations of all of our communities, city and the county alike.”

The Commissioner has made it very clear that he expects to see greater focus on:

  • Visible Policing  –  More police officers in our communities, tackling your concerns.

  • Community Policing   –  Ensuring local residents are heard, know who their local police officers are and have confidence that the force is keeping people safe.

  • Better support for Victims  –  Outstanding support services, tailored to your needs.

  • Rural Policing –  A rural police presence tackling the crimes affecting rural communities.

Having set a budget to provide the Chief Constable with the resources necessary to deliver these improvements, he said that he would scrutinise performance closely to ensure the impetus is maintained throughout his term.

Mr Matthews added that his Plan, supported by his budget, will bring an array of service improvements, including:

  • The targeting of organised crime gangs and the most serious and prolific offenders

  • A firm focus on offenders who target the most vulnerable in society

  • Investments in technology to combat the most sophisticated criminals

  • Specially trained officers to protect our rural communities

  • Protection of the most vulnerable focussing on domestic abuse, sexual offences and child abuse

  • Dedicated teams to help protect businesses

  • Neighbourhood officers will work with communities and partners more effectively than ever before to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour

  • Work with young people to divert them away from a path of criminality

“Throughout the development of my plan I have consulted the public to ensure that their priorities are my priorities.  I have consulted the Chief Constable and senior officers to ensure that my ambitions are realistic.  I have consulted with locally elected representatives, community groups and other stakeholders. 

“This means that I can honestly say that this plan is their plan.  Yes, I have set the bar high, but that is what people want to see and it never hurts to have a high goal in mind.

“I have always been clear that one size does not fit all.  My Plan takes into account the needs of the different communities across the force area.  It is designed to give Leicestershire Police a clear mandate to deliver a police service which meets those needs. It is unapologetically ambitious, detailed and wide ranging.  That is what our residents and businesses deserve.

“I believe this Plan will refocus the force, enabling it to build on its excellent track record and deliver an efficient, robust and professional police service across the whole of Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland.

“As Sir Robert Peel said ‘The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder.’  I quite agree.”



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Posted on Monday 14th February 2022
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