PCC Rupert Matthews calls for tougher legislation on the use of 'E-scooters'

He said today:

“e-Scooter incidents are rising, presenting a possible danger to pedestrians, users and motorists alike.

That’s why I am calling on Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’s MPs to work with me to tackle the problem.

The government continues to relax the rules surrounding the acquisition and use of e-scooters. I would like to see tougher rules surrounding the acquisition and use of e-scooters. We need to safeguard road users.

Leicestershire Police has a robust policy toward e-scooters that aims to prevent incidents and accidents, for which I am grateful.  But we cannot become complacent, and we must ensure that the government keeps e-scooters off public roads before more incidents occur.

This is about public safety and road safety.  We need to ensure that the upward national trend showing more and more collisions and casualties involving e-scooters cannot be allowed to continue.

I have written to all of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’s MPs, urging them to use their influence in Westminster to obtain assurances from the government that action will be taken to minimise the potential dangers of e-scooters on road users, all while benefiting from the accessible and environmentally friendly mode of transportation they offer.

Locally, I want to see MPs join me and Leicestershire Police to ensure that the public and retailers know the risks around e-scooters and how to use, buy and rent them safely and legally.”


Copy of the letter can be downloaded HERE


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Posted on Tuesday 21st June 2022
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