PCC announces preferred candidate for Deputy PCC

Image of Rani Mahal next to Leicestershire Police Force Crest

Police and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthews has announced his preferred candidate for the role of Deputy PCC for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Ajmer Kaur (Rani) Mahal – a district councillor representing Glen Ward at Harborough District Council - will take up her role with effect from later this month.

Rani Mahal has extensive experience and skills, both as a local councillor and through her membership with voluntary and charitable organisations.  As a councillor she is the Armed Forces champion and vice chair of Harborough District Council and she also has significant expertise in business and sits on the Board as a director of the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership which promotes economic prosperity across the city and two counties.

Rani Mahal first became fascinated by policing 30 years ago, when she wanted to become a Special Constable. Since then, she has worked relentlessly in and for the community including as an advocate for underrepresented communities.

Commenting today she said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for me to use my experience of the charitable and third sector, mental health, business and engagement with underrepresented groups to make a difference to the people living in our communities.

“As someone who is passionate about protecting the vulnerable and supporting women and children, I will be focusing on key priorities such as Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women and Girls as well as Business Crime and the partnership landscape to ensure we use our collective power effectively. I also hope to take an active role in the work of the Violence Reduction Network.

“I have met Rupert’s team and can see how committed they are to delivering on behalf of the public and I am looking forward to working with the Commissioner and his Office to deliver on his vision for a safer Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.”

Mr Matthews added: “I am delighted to announce Rani as my preferred candidate for the role of Deputy PCC. Rani will bring a wealth of valuable experience to the role which will help me to deliver on the promises of my Police and Crime Plan.

“The past few months have highlighted the breadth of my role, the challenges posed to community safety in different areas and the sheer size of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. To best meet the expectations of the public and deliver my Police and Crime Plan, and having given the matter considerable thought, I believe it is important to have a deputy. It is no exaggeration to say that the role grows every week.

“With new challenges on the horizon, such as a difficult budget round and dealing with reverberations from the incidents in East Leicester, it is clear that I will need to put in more hours than there are in the day.

“Rani will focus her work on several key priorities within my plan and I have every confidence that her involvement will help us deliver what local people have told me they want, expect and deserve from their local police.

“In terms of budget, my office has made considerable savings over my predecessor’s arrangements and the costs involved will be met without additional toll on the taxpayer but will enable us to deliver far more.”

The appointment will go before a Confirmation Hearing of the Police and Crime Panel on Wednesday, 14th December.



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Posted on Wednesday 30th November 2022
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