PCC welcomes £1.3m funding boost to meet the costs of East Leicester disorder and support his plans to restore hope in policing

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Police and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthews has secured funding worth nearly £1.3m to cover the cost of policing last year’s unrest and violent disorder in East Leicester. 

The PCC has received confirmation from Chris Philp MP, Minister of State for Crime, Policing and Fire, that the force qualifies for a special grant totalling £1.275m. It comes after Mr Matthews applied to the Home Office to recoup the costs of policing violent events last Autumn in his determination to secure the force the resources it needs to restore hope and public trust in local policing services.

Police and Crime Commissioners can apply to the Home Office for Special Grant Funding to meet additional costs such as overtime, mutual aid and rest day working that are incurred from policing unexpected and exceptional events within their areas. 

Special Grant Funding can be used to protect the financial stability of a force following unexpected incidents or events to enable police officers to continue to carry out their usual crime-fighting duties.

The disorder in East Leicester, which gained national coverage, consumed vast frontline local and national resources with officers from other forces deployed to the area to help restore peace and reassure communities.

The resulting investigation has seen officers painstakingly reviewing thousands of hours of CCTV footage and body worn video to determine the identities of those involved.

Mr Matthews said: “I am delighted the Home Office has accepted my application for Special Grant Funding. This grant will ensure the force recoups up to 85 per cent of the costs spent last year on policing this operation which can now be reinvested into frontline policing priorities.

“As Commissioner, I am determined to restore hope, trust and confidence in the work police do to keep local people safe. For me, this means securing the funding and resources Leicester Police needs to continue doing a good job.

“This operation was one of the largest and most complex in the force’s history, requiring significant expertise to manage. It was ultimately through exceptional leadership and the professionalism and courage of officers that peace was swiftly restored to East Leicester and communities could live their lives once again in peace and without fear.

“It is a key part of our responsibilities as Commissioners to ensure our officers have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively – and this is one such occasion which required urgent intervention.

“This investigation has already resulted in numerous arrests and detectives continue to piece together events throughout the unrest. I will continue to support the force in every way possible to ensure it has the resources and technical support necessary to bring those responsible to justice.”



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Posted on Tuesday 21st March 2023
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