Restoring Hope with Ramadan FM

Commissioner and Subane Abdi of Ramadan FM

Commissioner and Subane Abdi of Ramanan FM


I visited Ramadan FM to congratulate them on gaining a full-time broadcasting licence so that they can now be heard year-round, not just during Ramadan. I also came to thank them for the work that they are doing to improve understanding between the diverse communities of Leicester. 

I was met by Subane Abdi, Project Coordinator at TEAMS, the charity of which Ramadan FM forms a part.

This is the 11th year in which the radio station will be broadcasting throughout Ramadan. But this year is special as they will continue after Ramadan, beaming out their message full-time, year-round. That is going to be quite a challenge for a community radio station that relies on volunteer presenters and is run on a shoestring budget supported by local donations. 

But they are full of optimism and great plans. Over Ramadan 2023 they have already secured a stellar line up of hosts drawn from the local community and a varied guest list. They see their mission as primarily one of education and entertainment. But they also publicise charities working in Leicester and elsewhere. Over the years they have worked with local charities and on projects overseas, raising sums in excess of £5 million over the years. Ramadan is, for Muslims, the key month for charitable giving, so features and promotions run then can produce an astonishingly generous response from Leicester’s Muslim population.

Ramadan FM also wants to play its part in fostering good relations between the diverse communities of Leicester.

Subane pointed out the studio window at Evington Road. “Take the street here, for instance,” he said. “At Iftar that street is crowded. Everyone is out and about eating food, chatting to friends, and enjoying themselves. It’s great. But that can cause problems. Parking is a real issue, so is late night noise. So, we work with the police to broadcast information about where people can park and when they should be thinking about turning down the noise. That helps build a positive image of Ramadan to non-Muslims rather than a negative one.” 

This “Safe Ramadan” initiative is an important move in helping to ease tensions and restore hope by building bridges between communities. So, my congratulations to Ramadan FM for their permanent license and my thanks for the work they are doing to improve intercommunal relations.

Rupert Matthews
Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland




Posted on Tuesday 21st March 2023
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