PCC announces further investment in People Zones

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Police and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthews has announced the launch of a fresh round of funding to enable community groups within his three People Zones to bid for grants up to £10k.

The Commissioner has agreed to provide three funding rounds for People Zones before the end of March 2024 and the second round has just opened.  

There is a People Zone in Bell Foundry, New Parks and Thringstone and Whitwick.  Each Zone was identified as in need of additional support to help tackle localised problems and to prevent the disruption of community life from crime and antisocial behaviour.

The fund will build on the success of last year’s grants scheme which helped to tackle vulnerability and isolation and promote skills development and confidence.  It also aims to identify and fill gaps in local provision and encourage local people to channel their energy into positive activities.

Community organisations that are not linked to a People Zone can apply for similar funding via the Commissioner’s Safety Fund.

Mr Matthews said: “Over the past 12 months, a huge amount of work has taken place to bring these communities together and promote resilience.  Residents are keen to implement change and it is important to me that support to help them achieve that is maintained.

“The results of the community payback scheme where local offenders ‘give back’ to communities, either by improving or creating new community spaces, have been impressive. This scheme is also providing many social benefits, including skills development and enhanced employability. Equally, the many events that have taken place and the steering groups held have brought communities together to share ideas and jointly problem-solve.

“I’m keen to keep the momentum going and provide further investment so that the success grow in the future.”

The current funding round will close on September 18 2023.

All three People Zone areas can bid in each round with the maximum grant on offer per application at £10k.

Applications must align with one or more themes identified within each areas People Zone Research Report. Each report can be found on the People Zone website.

For more information and to apply go to:  https://www.leics.pcc.police.uk/people-zones-grant-funding-2023-2024/ or email the People Zone inbox at people.zones@leics.police.uk.



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Posted on Wednesday 23rd August 2023
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