Update on Hinckley Disc System

PCSO Wayne, Commissioner, Hannah from Hinckley BID, Steve Wegerif Manager of Hinckley BID

You may recall my visit in June this year to Hinckley Police station to learn more about the new Disc system which is an information sharing app which empowers business owners to share information about incidents and offenders between themselves so they can better protect themselves against crime and keep their property, employees and customers safe. 

I was eager to learn of the progress, so I visited the Hinckley Business Improvement District (BID) to find out more.

It was fantastic to learn that nearly 150 businesses in the Hinckley area have signed up to the Disc system, with over 47 known subjects being named and their information shared to all members. An additional 42 suspects have yet to be identified but businesses are continuing to work with Leicestershire Police to provide information and intelligence reports.

Once a suspect has been identified, businesses can exclude them from entering premises, reducing anti-social behaviour and shoplifting.

As the Disc system is a Nationwide system, it also identifies subjects who are not local and have travelled into Hinckley. These subjects are quickly identified and monitored using the town wide CCTV/retail CCTV, retail security teams, retail radio system linked into the Police radio and local PCSO’s and officers from Leicestershire Police.

Considering the Disc system was only launched in Hinckley just over three months ago, I am very impressed at the initial results as this gives a clear message that Hinckley is a safe and vibrant place to visit, shop and enjoy but if you have plans to commit crime, you will be identified, you will be monitored and your information will be shared to all members.


Rupert Matthews
Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland



Posted on Thursday 28th September 2023
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