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Commissioner Confident in New Support Structure

Leicestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Sir Clive Loader, is confident that he has identified the most efficient and effective, office structure to deliver his responsibilities.

A report due to be put in front of the Police and Crime Panel highlights how he is using resources to optimum effect to ensure that the right people are in the right posts, in order to undertake the wide range of duties required of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. A carefully paced approach to development ensures that the most economical structure possible is created.

Welcoming the opportunity to provide further detail of the prudent approach that has been adopted to the Police and Crime Panel, he said that he would be asking the Panel to note the “measured approach” being taken regarding his Office’s development.

Sir Clive explained that the Government had set out a role for PCCs that was broader than that of the previous police authorities. He said that the former Leicestershire Police Authority’s set up, with one of the lowest budgets in England and Wales, alongside one of the smallest support teams, was not a viable one in the new policing landscape.

“To successfully fulfill the duties assigned to commissioners it has been essential to invest in specialist staff so that we can do the job effectively,” he said. “After spending time testing our approach and considering alternatives with the Force, I’m confident that we have in place a structure that is fit for purpose.”

The report outlines how the greater range of duties has led to an essential increase in costs over the Police Authority’s budget with specialist staff required to take on areas requiring expertise outside the Police Authority’s remit.  

Sir Clive continued: “My priority is the safety of the communities of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and I will not compromise on that. To minimise our costs, we are drawing support staff from sources that do not add to our costs wherever possible and the force is being very helpful in this respect. Where we are not quite certain of our final requirements we are making temporary arrangements.” 

He added that his Office’s budget, which had been set at £1.046m, was on par with other similar PCC offices both in the East Midlands and further afield. This sum represents an increase of £186,000 on the 2012/13 Police Authority budget, but further efforts are being made to reduce this figure.

“The increased and diversified workload has required an initial investment in staff equipped with the specialist skills required to deliver the new arrangements. The fact that our budget is now comparable with similar offices of the Police and Crime Commissioners illustrates that we have got the staffing structure right,” he said.

“Misleading comments about my office having one of the highest percentage increases in costs have skewed the picture, which merely reflects the low starting point. I agree that we have seen an increase in budget, but this has been borne of necessity, not extravagance.”


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Posted on Monday 9th May 2016
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