What is Commissioning?

The Commissioning Framework sets out how the PCC intends to align the Commissioning Budget with the key themes and strategic priorities in the Police and Crime Plan.



There are a number of ways in which the outcomes outlined in the Police and Crime Plan will be commissioned. This will be through:

1.  Direct Commissioning

The Police and Crime Commissioner will directly tender or hold a contract with a provider(s).

2.  Co-Commissioning

This refers to joint commissioning between the Police and Crime Commissioner and another organisation(s), board or group. It covers all stages of commissioning from the needs assessment and service design, to allocation of resources and evaluation.

3.   Partnership Locality Funding

This funding is allocated to Community Safety Partnerships.  Partnership working is fundamental to the successful delivery of the Police and Crime Plan and the Community Safety Partnerships play a unique role in responding to local need around crime and community safety

4.   PCC Grant

Inviting provider or providers to submit applications against a set of criteria



If you would like further information regarding commissioning please contact: