Expenditure over £500

All payments greater than, or equal to, £500 made by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire (OPCC) and Leicestershire Police (the Force) in the name of the OPCC can be found on the Force Website (input 500 into search box) and are shown for each month.

The PCC/CC are satisfied that the spend on contracts represent Value For Money because:

  • For orders below £5,000, contract regulations require that good procurement practice is followed to ensure that the Force and PCC obtain good value for money
  • For orders above £5,000 and below £214,904, contract regulations are specific in this regard and the Procurement Department must manage the procurement process in line with those requirements and this includes three prior written quotations unless specific dispensations apply where criteria must be met and approvals followed.
  • For orders above £214,904, the Procurement Department must manage the procurement process in line with the specific procurement requirements, including the provisions of EU Procurement directives where appropriate which are mandatory. Transactions of this value must follow a tendering process. Tenders will be invited from at least 3 proposed contractors.

Value for Money has been included on each line of spend over £500 for the OPCC on the force website link with effect from July 2014.

The lists are published so that the public can see how the Force and the OPCC spends its budget in greater detail and is part of our commitment to being open and transparent.

Below is a direct link to the Force website where the information is held - you will need to use the search box - use 500 (not £500) and from there you will be able to find the monthly spreadsheets: