Ethics, Integrity and Complaints Committee


This Committee is being replaced by the new ETHICS AND TRANSPARENCY PANEL

which is better in sync with the Commissioner's Police & Crime Plan

and the high standards expected


As soon as the new panel has been established then there will be a link on this page to direct you to the relevant information



The Ethics, Integrity and Complaints Committee was set up to scrutinise the behaviour, standards and integrity of Leicestershire Police by members of the public.

From performance to complaints from the public, from the Force’s decision-making processes to leadership and culture, the committee will scrutinise a broad landscape to ensure the Force, and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, conducts itself to the highest ethical standards and does so with transparency.  An annual report is produced every year and can be downloaded HERE.

The Committee consists of seven independently appointed individuals and will meet in public throughout the year, report on their findings and make recommendations for improvements.

The setting of the committee follows the recent introduction of the Code of Ethicswhich has been developed by the College of Policing.




Ethics, Integrity and Complaints Committee - Annual Reports