FOI Disclosure Log 2015

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Nature of Request
21.12.2015 6451-15

The number of domestic abuse related crimes logged on the Force's Crime Reporting Information systems for each of the years from 2010 to present, broken down by month, if available.

The People Proceeded Against data relating to the aforementioned incidents, broken down by gender, if available.

The number of domestic abuse related non crimes logged on the Force's Crime Reporting Information System for each of the years from 2010 to present, broken down by month, if available.

Details of any organisation or service commissioned to provide victims' services in the Force's area.



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07.12.2015 6889-15

Could you please provide a copy of the allocation of funding for community safety partnerships for the financial year 2013/2014, broken down by recipient?  If possible, I would like to receive the information via email.


01.10.2015 5437-15

Specific figures on seconded officers.


  1. How many members of OPCC staff are there of March 2015, and what is the current annual salary cost?
  2. How many people working in your office are seconded from the local police force, rather than being on the OPCC's books, and what is the cost of their salaries?
  3. Please state the rank of these workers and what their seconded role is, ie sergeant working as staff officer.


08.07.2015 3865-15
  1. All contracts awarded through the commissioning of sexual violece/abuse services or sexual violence/abuse related services in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.  Please include the following details:

1.1  Names of organisations awarded contracts
1.2  Financial amounts awarded
1.3  The duration of the contracts (including breakdown of amoutn awarded per year)

In relation to the above, please specify the category of the contracted services, i.e.,


i)    advocacy, including independent sexual violence (ISVA) advice services
ii)   face to face services: counselling, emotional support, group support
iii)  forensic sexual assault services, including Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs)


2.  Plans, strategies or other public documents that relate to spending and investment in sexual
     violence/abuse services or sexual violence/abuse related services.


13.05.2015 2780-15

Please can you tell me whether the PCC, or any other employee of the PCC's office, has been charged with any criminal office since 1 January 2014, and if so:


  1. The name of the individual concerned
  2. The date set for their first appearance in court
  3. What they were charged with


07.05.2015 2640-15

Regarding any foreign trips undertaken by the PCC for business purposes, please can you tell me:


  1. How many such trips the PCC has undertaken since being elected in 2012
  2. The countries visited
  3. For each county visited, a brief description of the purpose of the visit (e.g. to attend a conference)
  4. A figure for the total amount claimed in expenses (e.g. airline tickets, accommodation, subsisstence, other transport etc) for all foreign business trips undertaken since November 2012.
13.04.2015 2489-15

Question 1
You state that the OPCC employs 15 people but the website stated then and still states:-

"Employees of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire.  The total head count of people employed by the OPCC is 31 of which 21 are within the Communications, PR, Engagement and Consultation Teams." (My underlining) It then went on to detail that 24 were female and 7 female. 24 + 7 = 31.

It also stated that:-

"There are currently 21 employees of the OPCC under the remit of an administrative review."

Under "Vacancies" @ 03/15 it states:-

"...are looking to appoint five people to the new ethics, integrity and complaints committee." And then further down the OPCC has a vacancy for a "Performance and Evaluation Co-ordinator." Therefore, the new total would be 37 after these appointments.

So, either your figures are wrong, or the website is wrong or is misleading the public.

Question 2
From the latest update on the website I see the Chief Executive had a salary increase of 6.6% since last year and the Chief Finance Officer an increase of 3.2%. How can these be justified when police officers are lucky to get 1% and their budget is being cut by £34M according to Simon Cole?

Only three salaries are identified and the relevant structure does not identify any of the pay grades of the remaining staff that you refer to. Please advise what these salary ranges are?

I still think that the majority of the budget is being wasted on salaries, which is unacceptable to the tax paying public.

Question 3
Are you seriously trying to tell me that nobody knows how much the old Police Authority cost? I have already stated that PA salaries were some £250,000 so what were their additional costs?

Question 4
So, when did the PA cease to exist? In November 2013 Clive Loader told us that it would continue alongside the PCC for some time.

Question 5
The fact that the Chief Executive post is required by law goes to show what a ridiculous set up the whole PCC is. A company with a larger turnover than the PCC and more employees wouldn’t necessarily have a CE. This is typical mandate laid down by people who have no idea how to run an organisation, in other words just create more "jobs for the boys" at inflated salaries.

Question 6
I am glad to see a Finance Manager no longer appears in the Organisational Structure.

Question 7 & 8
My statement was correct based on the Organisational Structure dated 09/14 where the Head of Governance had two Governance Support Officers, an Administrator, and a PA to the PCC.

I see (03/15 version) he now has a Governance Officer and an Assurance Officer so they have dropped one and changed the name of another. Please explain what a Governance and Assurance officers do?

I find it hard to believe that after two years they are still playing about with staff numbers and names. When are they going to finalise the structure and start doing some real work?

Question 9
As above, they are still playing with names and numbers after two years. Please tell me what the new Planning and Performance Co-ordinator is Planning and Co-ordinating as you failed to tell me what the previous named individuals were doing?

Question 10
They are still playing with names and numbers. So what are the Commissioning Manager and his support officer going to Commission? I see they have created yet another new role, Head of Partnerships & Commissioning, so who is he going to Partner and Commission? Sounds like fancy names for non-jobs.

Question 11
There was an Engagement & Consultation Manager in the 09/14 structure. I see they have created another two roles, Head of Policy Strategy with a Policy & Research Officer, so what on earth are they going to do?

Question 12
You failed to mention the Communications and PR Manager who now seems to have disappeared off the Organisational Structure. So, who is going to communicate with the public in future?  Presumably the manager in the police force which means the PCC is no longer self-regulating and the police could veto the PCC output. Is that acceptable?

Question 13
I think my comment that not much original thought has gone into the organisational structure, and no thought as to whether the positions are necessary, has been confirmed by the chaotic changes in roles and structure that have taken place just since September 2014.



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19.02.2015 1041-15
  1. Which body or individual will make the decision to contract out?
  2. Will the decision making process of the body or individual be the subject of democratic control by way of bringing the whole subject and process before the PCC Scrutiny Committee?
  3. Will due regard be taken of the failure of organisations like G4S to respect human rights both in GB and abroad?
  4. Will due regard be taken of the failure of G4S and SERCO to honestly administer public projects?
  5. Will the contracting out process be the subject of an open tender?
  6. Will the public be consulted on this issue, especially bearing in mind the present mood of the public on privatisation in general?
  7. Is it expected to use the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 regarding present employees?
  8. What are the fiscal and operational advantages and disadvantages to Leicestershire Constabulary if contracting our proceeds?
  9. What is the value of the Leicestershire contract?


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