FOI Disclosure Log 2019

Date of

Nature of Request
20/11/20 4311-19
  1. Please, can you provide a list of all employee roles who are employed by your authority and are subject to the provisions as set out in the Official Secrets Acts 1911-1989?

    This can be provided in any format, however, a spreadsheet detailing each role and a mark as to whether the role requires the role holder to sign a declaration as to their recognition of being bound thus required to comply with the Act(s).

  2. Please provide a disclosure of the format used by your authority which requires the signature of anyrole holder who is subject to provisions as set out in the Official Secrets Acts 1911-1989 such as an"Official Secrets Acts & Confidentiality Declaration"
14/10/19 3820-19

Can you please tell me the total spent on branded PCC merchandise by the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner since November 2012?

Could you furthermore tell me how many branded items have been purchased, the type of items
purchased and the amount spent per year?

30/08/19 2993-19

I would like to request the following information under the provisions of The Freedom Of Information Act:

  1. A breakdown of payments made to the persons holding the position of 'advisor to the PCC' for the past 3 years.  
  2. The names of persons holding the post of 'advisor to the PCC' for the past 3 years. 
14/08/19 1965-19

How many times did the PCC/Mayor write directly to the former Prime Minister Rt Hon Theresa May MP during her time in office both as prime minister and Home Secretary for the following reasons:

(a)  Raising concerns that budget cuts were having a detrimental effect on policing
(b)  Requested more money?  How much was  requested how much was given
       ( if any)
(c)  Raised concerns that budget cuts were putting officers at risk

29/07/19 1862-19

Can you please provide the following information:

  1. Do you have a backlog of Subject Access Requests, i.e. Subject Access Requests that have been received but have not been completed within the statutory time limit of one month.
  2. If the answer to question 1 above is yes, how many Subject Access Requests do you have that are over the statutory time limit of one month.
  3. Out of the figure provided in response to question 2 above can you provide details of how many of the overdue Subject Access Requests are:
    (i)     Up to one month overdue
    (ii)    Over one month overdue
01/07/19 1676-19

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please provide full answers to each of the following questions:

  1. In each of the past three financial years (2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19), how many times has your PCC applied for a certificate of forfeiture for an officer's pension after they were convicted of a criminal offence? 
  2. On how many of these occasions was the certificate
    a) granted by the Home Secretary and,
    b) rejected by the Home Secretary 
  3. In cases where the certificate was not granted, please provide details ie sentence not seemed serious enough

Please respond within 20 working days.

09/07/19 1656-19
  1. Did your Police and Crime Commissioner’s office submit evidence to the consultation ‘Powers for dealing with unauthorised development and encampments’ in 2018?

    The link to this full consultation can be found at:
  2. If your Police and Crime Commissioner’s office submitted evidence to this consultation, could you please provide us with your full responses to questions 6, 7, and 8, as they are stated within the consultation?
  3. Can you also provide us with an e-copy, or hard copy, of your full consultation submission to this consultation?
18/04/19 1057-19  I would like to request some data in accordance with the Freedom Of Information Act. Please could you provide:
  1. The job title for every post in your office. Please include any joint posts. If you have appointed a Deputy Commissioner, please include that.
  2. The salary, or if that is unavailable, the pay band, for each of the offices in 1.
27/02/19  158-19

Under Freedom of Information, please can I request the information detailed below:

Please can you supply the following:

  1. Do you currently have a contract in place with an external provider for the provision of communication support? Communication support is defined as media management, public relations, social media, internal   communication, employing engagement and marketing.
  2. What date is the contact due to expire/be up for renewal? 
  3. Who currently holds this contract (if any)?
  4. What was the value of the last communication support contract awarded and what was this for?
  5. Is there a provision within your office to have ad-hoc communication specialists work with you, for example on a particular project.
  6. When, if ever was a communication review carried out by an external body i.e. communication company, consultant etc. A communication review looks at output, structure, expenditure and impact.

Many thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing from you.