FOI Disclosure Log 2018

Date of

Nature of Request
27.11.18 4977/18

Does your force accept crime reports from third party hate crime reporting centres?
How many such centres provide information to your force?
For 2016, 2017, and so far in 2018 how many hate crime reports came from the centres?
How much funding has the force put into centres in 2016, 2017 and so far in 2018?

21.11.18 4915/18
  • Total funding allocation to the force;
  • Total funding allocation within that budget and costs associated with the Office of the PCC, Office of the Deputy PCC, and any related governance activities.


12.11.18 4785/18
  1. Whether the police service/force ‘the service’ pays any external organisations to advertise vacant police officer and police staff roles on their website.
  2. For a list of websites / organisations the service uses to advertise police officer and staff roles (excel format) and how much each website/organisation received from the service in the three most recent financial years


    If no money was paid to advertise the roles, please indicate this on the spreadsheet.
  3. For an email address and contact information for the HR department or relevant department responsible for publishing and promoting vacancies within the service.
06.10.18 4863/18
  1. Does the OPCC subscribe to CoPaCC?
  2. How much has the OPCC paid to CoPaCC in 2016, 2017 and 2018?
  3. In what years has CoPaCC carried out transparency reports on the OPCC?
  4. In what years has the OPCC received a transparency award from CoPaCC?
27.07.18 3516/18

What estimates or analysis does the OPCC hold relating or referring to the impact of "county lines" drug supply operations in your force area? Please provide copies of any such estimates/ analysis or a summary of the key statistics and findings.


Please advise me on what other information your OPCC force holds relating or referring to "county lines" drugs supply operations.

24.07.18 3470/18
  1. All costs associated with the Police and Crime Commissioners expenses.
  2. All costs associated with the Police and Crime Commissioners spending on Travel and meals.
  3. All costs associated with the employment of Political Advisers.
  4. All financial detail of spending reserves.
  5. All information, including spending and detail of training days for PCC staff.
  6. All information relating to the detail and cost of policing individual events.
  7. All costs related to PCC inauguration events. 8. Full detail on the PCC’s calendar of meetings and events.



22.06.18 3151/18

What budget has your Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner set aside for the costs associated with commissioning Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) services? This might include staff costs, legal costs, cost of market engagement events etc. Please supply the answer as total budget for the financial year 2018/19.

08.06.18 10637/18

The PCC has offered the Chief Constable continuity of employment for the next 5 years.  Does this mean the chief constable will be paid for the period in full regardless of his performance and even if he were to resign or be dismissed?


As the arrangement has been constructed as 5 x 1 year contracts, does the termination of any one automatically terminate all subsequent contracts? Presumably a contract with a future start date is not legally enforceable, so the answer would be ‘yes’ and no associated compensation would be applicable.


02.03.18 1459/18

Under the FOI Act please can you let me know what software your organisations uses to handle press releases / media enquiries?