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PCCs Prevention Fund - Early Intervention

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The Police and Crime Commissioner has received £347,000 from the Home Office's Early Intervention Youth Fund and has decided to make available a proportion of this funding through his grants programme.  The funding will be made accessible through the Police and Crime Commissioner's Prevention Fund grant process.  The aim of the fund will be to deliver services to support and prevent young people from getting involved in crime through the provision of positive activities.

The fund will be known as The Police and Crime Commissioner's Prevention Fund - Early Intervention and will be open to grass roots organisations, community groups and schools within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The purpose of the funding is to engage with and support young people who are either offending or on the edge of offending (at risk of criminal involvement).  The project will need to engage young people in positive activities which give opportunities for a mentoring type relationship to be built.  It is acknowledged that community groups/grass roots organisations are best placed to offer interventions where they can deploy suitable role models who are representative of their local communities and whom young people can easily relate to.

There is a total of £100,000 of funding available.  The funding round will open on 5th August 2019 and will close 1st October 2019.  Successful applicants will be informed whether they have been successful by 1st November 2019.

As with the Police and Crime Commissioner's Prevention Fund, there will be two levels of funding available:

  • Up to £9,999 pa, and
  • £10,000 to £25,000 pa

The funding contract will be 12 months duration and it is expected that projects will need to be able to mobilise and start delivery with immediate effect or at least by January 2020.

To find out more or to apply please see the documents below:

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Funding Granted
Name of
Name of
Project Brief
Year 1
Creative Futures Midlands C.I.C Lookin' Up! This will be an extension of the existing project ‘Smart Start’ and this funding will help to deliver 14 four hour sessions over 8 months. This will be run by lead practitioner Liam who will be supported by an assistant and 4 visiting experts. The project involves mentoring by those with shared experiences who have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs.  £9,990.00
Tall Ships Youth Trust Sailing Beyond Expectations To support 10 young people aged 12-25 who are either offending or at risk of offending. The objectives of this project are to equip the young people with the self-esteem/skills necessary to realise their potential, improve their attitude, thinking and behaviour and prevent them from turning to crime. This will be through a four night sailing trip where the young people will have to work as a team in a unique/challenging situation £8,440.00
City of Leicester ABC Champion Spirit To deliver three extra boxing classes per week to young people. These sessions will focus on delivering the contender am-box programme pioneered by the Metropolitan Police in their battle to tackle gang and knife crime. There will also be a 1-2-1 element of coaching and advising/signposting attendees so they can receive help with any difficulties. £14,800.00
 Iconic Music, Drama and Dance Ltd (Social Enterprise)  Stop The Hurt - Turn the Spotlight on Knife Crime Project  Using the performing arts participants will develop valuable skills such as decision making, problem-solving and non-violence conflict resolution techniques. 20 NEET young people will be engaged with to turn the spotlight on knife crime and the devastating effect it has on victims, families, perpetrators and society. £9,793.00 
 Leicester Sporting Futures  KB in the Community The project will deliver and outreach, engagement and capacity-building programme to engage at least 10 local community groups/clubs. There will be a capacity/skills analysis of the organisation, its volunteers, staff and participants, and help the group develop a robust prevention approach to knife crime. The aim of this 12 month programme is to guide those groups so that they can continue to deliver informed prevention activities independently.  £9,320.00 
Pedestrian Positive Choices Positive Choices has two key strands, prevention focussed intervention and future-focussed positive engagement and mentoring, delivered within intensive week-long programmes for young people currently involved in or at high risk of knife crime via Leicester City YOS. £7,300.00
Knighton Mead Primary Academy Boxing to Break the Cycle This project will provide a positive role model or mentor who will relate to our most at risk pupils and open their eyes to other possibilities of how they could live their lives and what their future could be. The school/coach will run one session a week, after school for an hour.  An accredited, vetted coach would be used to deliver this session and a member of school staff would remain watching the session to ensure it is of the quality and is delivering the outcomes we wish for. £1,139.50
Zinthiya Trust Young People Employment and Skill Project Participants on the programme will be enrolled on a 4 week work placement that will cut across various sectors such as catering and hospitality, retail and customer service, office administration, social media, community media reporting and community development to encourage and stimulate the experience and keep them engaged in the programme. £9,700.00
The Baca Charity Leaving Care Project

If the young people receive a positive decision on their leave to remain in the UK application, the next step is moving on the Baca.  This step is challenging for the yuong people, both emotionally and practically.  As part of this project Baca will create a new 'Leaving Care' support worker role who will become an advocate for the young person leaving care and will guide them on a 1:1 basis to help them navigate the benefits and social housing application process.

Also Baca will be expanding the existing 'Education Coordinator' role by 10 hours per week, they will work 1:1 with young people to ensure they have opportunities to learn new skills through accessign work-experience, traineeships, apprenticeships, or even additional educational support at Baca.

Unit 66 and Youth Community Development Box-Well for Health, Fitness and Well-Being (Knife Gang, ASB, Drug Crime Reduction and Youth & Community Development)

This project will deliver boxing, kick-boxing and MMA sessions in a safe MMA and boxing gym environment in the Spinney Hills area of Leicester.  Sessions will be delivered 4 times a week, with more sessions added if necessary.

Sessions involve mentoring the participants in the development of their lives, focusing on particular personal, social and mental aspects.  Such aspects will include developing and building positive relationships with family and peers, education and employment prospects, crime and antisocial behaviour prevention, intervention, focusing on alcohol & drug awareness, gang & knife/weapon crime awareness and reduction.

Northfield and District Play Association Playbarn Youth Project

The aim of the project is to provide a safe and engaging environment off the streets where young people can come and enjoy themselves, with a main focus on; socialising, informal education, fun and engaging physical activities, life skills, inclusivity.  There will be two youth sessions a week (Monday and Friday) with two youth workers and two volunteers.

Youth Educations Projects and Opal 22 Arts and Edutainment HEART Not knives - The Story of Shaka!

This project will recreate the story of Shaka!  Funding will go towards the production of an open air theatre show to tell the story inspired by Shaka Zulu, the illegitimate African Prince as his life has many parallels to modern day families living in the UK.  This will act as a diversion for 10-15 at risk children who will work with experienced directors, script writers and set designers with each of these mentoring the young people throughout the project.


Additional Funding Granted

Name of
Name of

Project Brief
Year 1
Leicester Riders Foundation CABNAB - Carry a Basketball not a Blade The sessions would be focused on early intervention, engaging with young people aged 12-24 who are within high-risk groups for being involved with knife crime. The project would feature a mix of basketball sessions and educational workshops, alongside on-going mentoring and support for the most at-risk young people. Workshops would tackle topics such as the consequences of being involved in knife crime, how to deal with peer pressure and the importance of taking responsibility for actions. £17,000.00
Castle Rock Breaking Boundaries This new initiative will aim to raise attitudes, aspirations and attainment of some of the most vulnerable and disengaged boys in the school. This will be done through various coaching methods. Aims include: 1. Improving attitudes, thinking and behaviour 2. Improved lifestyles and associates 3. Improved mental health and wellbeing 4. Improved relationship with family members. £3,285.00